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Dr. John Snow of England was in the middle of an epidemic in which thousands were dying every week.  By plotting their deaths on a wall map he figured out where the problem came from and how to stop it.  But the City Fathers managed to defeat him and bring death back into town.

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Sometimes, love stories last longer than the lives of the people involved.  The author knew of a couple like this and he helped them along with their romance over eighty years after the survivor died.  He knew what they want and he made sure they got it.

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Kids step on nails and sharp rocks, but few drive long needles deep into their feet.  However, Holly managed to do it one night and had to go the emergency room of her local hospital to have it removed.   Things went wrong and she missed the 8th grade dance, but her boy friends took care of her for a long time afterward.

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An active little girl can cause others to wonder why things like fingertips are important.  Holly had another accident, this time with a horse, and her hand was maimed. To the point where the skin on three fingers came loose and she could see inside.

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Even in the most ordinary place like school adventure is possible.  Two inquisitive boys in the accelerated studies class used to sneak off and roam the old school building where they went through elementary school, until they got caught.  Maybe afterwards, too.

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Substitute teaching can be a lot of fun as long as the children and classroom pets don’t poop during class time.  But one day there was this huge serpent in his cage in front of a science class, and he . . .

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Being a parent is never an easy thing.  One day three year-old Holly woke up with one eye looking straight ahead and the other one looking down the hallway.   She was fine but the agony it caused her parents was unendurable.   We did not know what had gone wrong.

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Anybody with one eye and half sense can shoot himself, but my brother artfully took a 16 gauge shotgun and shot his big toe into smithereens.  The next 40 years he kind of repented for his forgetfulness.

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Holly admired the cast on a friend’s arm and wanted one like it.  The following Sunday afternoon she had a bad spill and got her cast, plus a lot more trouble than she bargained for.  The next year of recovery was a tough one for her.

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